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Are business cards dead?

Back before the days of LinkedIn and smartphones, business cards were the only way to exchange information at a networking event. While business cards can still serve these functions, there are now countless digital alternatives to keeping track of contacts and displaying your brand... is this old-fashioned physical card still relevant, or simply a waste of paper?

Do you think they're still important?

  • Noooo... so not required anymore regardless!

  • Yes. I think they're necessary for my industry!

  • I'm undecided

Handing out a traditional business card is just like advertising. You want a positive outcome and we know that often comes from being engaging. The key at a networking event is to be memorable! Are business cards as useful as they once were? No. But they still have a place in this world. You can meet someone face to face and connect on social media, but odds are, you are instantly lost amongst the thousands of other "friends" or "followers." A business card is a physical reminder of who you are. It can also spark a memory of the time and place you met, separating you from others.

When we create business cards for our clients we think about the end result and what purpose it will be serving the end customer. Is the card thin and flimsy? Is it thick card stock? Was it printed in the best quality? Was it embossed? Is it a traditional business card size?

Here at The Signery I create high-end business cards while staying true to the clients budget. I strive to give our clients the best quality business card to help equate to having a successful business.

Remember a business card alone isn’t enough – there should always be a follow up via email or social media. However, for the initial connection, a business card is still the easiest and best way to exchange contact information.

Contact us to find out more about our business card printing.

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