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3 Things destroying your brand

Branding is important. That’s logical. But did you know certain things could be losing you potential business? Here are 3 things that could be destroying your brand and what you can do to resolve the problem:

Problem: Your branding is inconsistent.

Do you have a few different logo versions, tag lines, etc.? Maybe you decided to update your logo, but you still have 1,000 business cards with your old logo. Inconsistency can hurt your brand. If someone sees varying styles, colours, and messages they are likely to get confused. Inconsistency could be losing you business.

Resolution: Talk to us about creating brand guidelines for your business.

Problem: Your images and designs are low quality

If your marketing pieces (both print and digital) contain low quality images or are designed poorly, a potential client may be turned away. A potential customer wants to see that you are professional, established, trustworthy, and produce quality work.

Resolution: Talk to us about image sourcing and content creation.

Problem: Your logo is outdated or was created in Word Document.

We're silently screaming over here! Logos created in Word or Paint just won't cut it. Your potential clients want to see a brand who's invested in their own business so they know how they will be treated themselves.

Resolution: Adjusting your logo to fit with trends that can also be timeless and clean while reflecting your current business model is crucial to your brand. Allow us to take the stress away and create something for you.

How is your branding? Do you need to make some changes? We’d love to help! We focus on your strengths and use our expertise to create something that will help your business grow and give you confidence in your brand. Talk to us about our brand packages.

Amy x

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